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5 Things to Know About Interstate Removals


The process of moving house is probably a lot more complicated than you would initially think. Whether you are travelling to the next suburb, to the other side of the city or even to a different city, the actual moving can be a process that takes an entire weekend, or more realistically much longer. If your move is going to involve changing states, then moving home gets a whole lot more complicated and confusing. You need to make sure that all of your planning details are perfect, and that you have plenty of contingency plans in place should something happen differently from how you expected. That is why we have put together the five most important things that you should know when you are planning your interstate removal:

1. Find a removal team that understands interstate removals

The last thing that you need is a removal company that has no idea what they are doing, and this is especially true when you are planning an interstate removal. The complexities of an interstate move cannot be under-estimated, and if you are putting your faith – and your hard earned dollars – to them, then they should be ensuring that everything is taken care of for you. You should be able to rely on your removalist company. When you are talking to removal companies, ask them about their recent track record with moving people to another state. Their response will speak volumes about how they approach things, and how comfortable they are with the extra workload.

2. Ask every question – no matter how strange

One of the major problems that we as Gold Coast removalists find is that we think that the customer is totally happy with the planning and organising stage, and knows what’s going on with the removal. We start to get the balls rolling, and all of a sudden we are asked something that totally changes the way that we need to approach the job. It is not that we mind questions, but we would much prefer to be asked these during the consultation stage, because then we can make it easy for any requests or clarifications to be sorted at the beginning. And don’t forget that absolutely no question is too strange, too silly, or to simple: trust us – we’ve heard it all before!

3. Consider your children’s move as well

Moving from one state to another can make transporting all of your belongings very complicated, but it can have a dramatic effect on your children. More often than not, children do not get excited about an interstate move, because they are too nervous about how their lives are going to change. They will be leaving their friends behind and may need to attend a new school. Your removal process will give you a chance to calm their fears, and make the journey as fun as you can. Make it an adventure – involve them as best you can with assisting you to pack their belongings. If you have very young children, we would advise not packing any special and favourite toys – they may be needed on the journey!

4. Think about who you can visit on the way

An interstate move is a great excuse to take a mini holiday, especially if you are moving over a long weekend, or even a week. If you can organise it so that the removalists can take the vast majority of your belongings, then you could pack up your car as if you are going on a holiday and take in the sights as you go. You could also visit family and friends if you are going to be driving past them. By creating fun and exciting elements within your move, you immediately make it less stressful.

5. Take a deep breath All you need to do now is move!

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