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Fragile Packing: Packing Tips for Temperamental Possessions


Have you ever experienced a bad move? If you have, you know that some possessions simply require extra care during the packing process. Lampshades may seem like a low budget item, but when they and other delicate items don’t make the move, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars replacing them instead of decorating your new home. Here are some packing tips for moving temperamental items so that they are intact when it’s time to unpack.

1. Lampshades Despite their reputation as being the life of the party, lampshades only want to be alone. Each one, no matter how small, should be packed in its own box. Do not nest smaller shades into larger ones. And never, ever add even small, lightweight items to the box. Find a box that is just a bit larger than the shade and put the lampshade inside. Do not even add paper to this box. Mark the box as fragile.

2. China Packing tips for china also work for everyday dishes. First crumple newspaper to create a significant cushion on the bottom of the box. Plates should be wrapped in groups of two or three. Place one plate on the newsprint and fold paper around it. Next, place this plate on top of an unwrapped plate. Wrap both plates together in more newspaper.

Many people neglect important packing tips for moving. Always pack plates standing up inside the box. Never place them flat against the bottom. Pack only plates in this box. Pots and pans should never ride alongside china. Once the box is full of plates, add a cushion of newspaper to the top. Make sure the box is tightly packed before you tape it shut, and then mark the box as fragile.

3. Crystal Like packing tips for china, packing crystal can be used for everyday glasses as well. Roll the goblet in newspaper, securing around the bottom and stuffing excess newsprint into the mouth. Put a cushion of newsprint in the bottom of the box before you add the crystal. Place wrapped crystal stems upright inside the box. Crystal is fairly strong when it is upright, but it is extremely fragile when it is on its for

If the box is still roomy, you may add sturdier glasses and coffee cups, wrapped in the same manner as the crystal. However, make sure that these sturdier items are on the bottom of the box and not on top of the crystal.

Between each layer of goblets, add another cushion of newspaper, and then finish the box with a final cushion of newspaper on top. Make sure the box is tight before you tape it shut. Mark the box as fragile.

4. Photo Albums Photo albums don’t seem fragile like crystal and china, but the photos inside are priceless. Photo albums should stand upright in the box. Never lay them down since this position is likely to hurt your most valuable possessions, your family photos.

5. Electronics The standard packing tips for electronics include moving them in their original
boxes. These boxes have form fitting cushions, like Styrofoam or cardboard. If you do not have original boxes, remove the electronic device’s cords and secure them with plastic ties. You may wish to label the cords to make unpacking and reinstalling electronics easier. Wrap the electronic device in layers of newspaper or bubblewrap and make sure the box is tightly packed with newspaper cushions on the top and the bottom. When the box is tight, the electronic device cannot shift during transport.

A little extra attention to high maintenance items will help you enjoy them for years to come, no matter how many times you move. While fragile packing is no fun, it’s much more pleasurable than opening a box of broken china or ruined lamp shades. So get packing and make this the best move you’ve ever had.

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