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Here are six ways in which you can save money when moving from one home to another.


Clear out Your Clutter

Sort through all your belongings and sell, donate, recycle or throw away anything that you no longer need. Your removal will cost less if you take fewer items with you because professional moving companies charge on the basis of volume. Even if you are not hiring a moving company, you will still benefit from a good clear-out because you will have fewer items to lift and carry during your move.

Pack and Unpack Yourself

Most moving companies offer packing and unpacking as extra services. If you pack up everything yourself and unpack it in your new home, you will save money. However, you will need some time to do this. So, if your free time is very limited, then of course we can give you a price to pack and/or unpack for you.

Find Free Boxes

If you are moving house by yourself then you may want to find your own boxes. Find as many boxes as you need. Most shops throw away a large number of boxes every week, so just ask in any store if they have any boxes that they no longer need and take them home with you.

Don’t be afraid to ask – most shop owners or managers will be happy to give you some boxes so that they don’t have to dispose of them. Some shop owners may even let you know when they are expecting their next delivery so that you can come back and collect the empty boxes.

Hire a Van and Move Yourself

Hiring a van for a weekend and moving your possessions yourself might seem like the cheapest way of moving home, especially if you do not have a lot of furniture or if you are only moving a short distance away. But make sure that you factor in the time it takes and the petrol costs. Ensure that you have other people to help you with all the lifting and carrying because it is hard work. If it all seems overwhelming get in contact with us and we can give you a competitive price.

Ask for an estimate from the moving company

The prices charged for the same removal can vary widely between removalists. It is therefore a good idea to obtain a quote before deciding which company to use.

We can provide a realistic assessment of the volume of your possessions. If a company underestimates how many belongings you have, they may charge you extra once your move is underway. You will then have no choice but to pay the extra fee.

Don’t just hire the company offering the cheapest quote. If you believe that another company will provide a better service for a slightly higher fee, choose that company.

Find Out if Your Current Insurance Covers You for the Move

Most moving companies offer insurance as an optional extra. You do need to take out this insurance if your current household or tenants’ insurance covers you during a move. Look at your policy or double-check with your insurance company before paying for extra insurance that you do not need.

There are many bills that have to be paid during the transition from one home to another. Thankfully, there are also several areas in which savings can be made. Making these savings should help to reduce moving-related stress, ensuring that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

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