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How We Make Interstate Removals Easy for Our Clients

Let’s face it: even we, as removalists, can admit that moving house can be incredibly stressful. However, there are loads of great and simple ideas that you can use to ensure that your move is really relaxing and fun. We recommend to all of our customers that they try at least a few of these for their move, particularly if they are moving interstate. With a little fore-thought and a little planning, you can make your interstate removal so easy that you want to do it all over again!

Pack an overnight bag with all of your essentials

Believe it or not, you won’t be able to unpack and sort out all of your belongings as soon as you arrive in your new place. You’ll probably arrive exhausted, and ready to sleep: so make sure that you can. Pack sheets, pyjamas and your toiletries in a small overnight bag and keep it with you when you move – then all you need to do is make the bed, and collapse.

A clear box is perfect for life’s essentials

This includes things like your kettle, a toaster, a small grill, toilet paper, power cables, and a knife and fork. The clear box means that you will easily be able to find it in amongst the thousands of other brown boxes that you have packed your things into.

Want to save on space?

One easy way to do this – and save money – is to pack your breakables with your clothes. Not only will it make sure that those beautiful wine glasses and your dinner set won’t break, but it will definitely save on space in your suitcases.

Label your boxes

So easy, and yet so many people don’t bother! Labelling makes the world of difference when you have returned home to your new place after a long day, and you have no idea where your iron is. There are three things to label on each box. Firstly, a list of everything that’s in the box. Secondly, which room it belongs in. Thirdly, how important those items are. Colour coding your boxes from red through orange, yellow, then green will help you when you have a spare half an hour, and are that overwhelmed that you have no idea which box to go through.

Pack drawers

That’s right – if you decide to pack drawers with all of their contents still in them, then it will save you a world of time and effort in your new home. It will make your dressers or cupboards much lighter to move as they will have no drawers, and within moments you can confidently put them back together with all their contents intact and in the right place.

Stock up on sandwich bags

When you are taking things apart, we can guarantee that you will lose something – a nail or a screw, and be unable to put your furniture back together properly when you arrive in your new place. Sandwich bags are the perfect solution: clear so that you can see what’s inside them, a great size for throwing into a box, and perfect for writing on to remind you which table they belong to. An easy and simple idea that reduces the stress of reassembly.

Take a photograph of all your wires

Technology has made moving interstate so much more complicated. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you looked to see how all the wires went into your television? By taking a photograph before you dismantle it, you will find it infinitely easier to put everything back in the right place when you unpack.

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