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Preparing for Last Minute Interstate Removals

Sometimes life doesn’t go exactly how you thought it would? and suddenly you have a last minute Insterstate Removals to organise. Many people will go through this at some point in their lives; whether it is because of a job change, or because something altered within their family, but many people manage to do it, and you can too! The last thing that you should do is panic; all you need to do is follow these five preparation tips for last minute interstate removals, and everything will be fine.

1. Chat honestly with your removalists

When you’re looking for a quote, don’t pretend that you’ll be moving in a couple of months or so because the quote that they give you will be totally different. You will need to be open and honest with your movers, especially if they are taking you interstate. Make sure you tell them the exact date that you need to be moved by. Chances are that they may have some last minute slots that need filling up and can offer you an excellent deal.

2. Clear out before you pack

The last thing that you want to have to do after this big move is to unpack things that you really don’t like, or won’t need. All the effort of packing these items could have been put into something else, and you would have wasted money on moving them. Even though you may only have a short amount of time before your interstate move, use this chance for a quick clear out of your stuff. Make it simple – anything you don’t want, haven?t used in a while or don?t like anymore ? sell, donate or bin, just don’t pack it!

3. If you’re busy, hire a professional packer

Yes, believe it or not, there are people out there who make a living by coming into your home, and quickly and efficiently transforming it into several neat cardboard boxes. That means that you won?t have to worry about the hassle of fitting awkward shaped things into boxes, or panicking about how to pack plates delicately. Just make sure that you bring them in after you’ve gone through your personal belongings ? you don’t want them to find anything embarrassing!

4. Call in the cavalry

Your friends will certainly miss you when you go to a new state so here is a great excuse to spend some more time with them (and get your move organised quickly). After all, many hands make light work, and the time will fly by with all the laughter and jokes flying around. Most people will be happy to help out when they are moving in exchange for some pizza & drinks at the end of it all, which works out incredibly cheaply for you. At the end of the day, the time will come when the favour will be repaid, and you will come back to help them move.

5. Bring in the cleaners

Whether you are renting or selling your home, you will be required to leave it in very good nick ? but that is usually the very last thing on your mind when you have had to organise a last minute interstate move. And once again, there is (kind of) an app for that. Professional cleaners can come in, and within half a day make your old home look brand new. That means that you can close the door to that part of your life without a care in the world, and look ahead to your new exciting adventure in a new state.

Moving interstate shouldn’t be something that you dread, and even though it may have come as a bit of a shock, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great experience moving.

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